Transitions, Transition, Transitions

Transitions occur throughout our lifetimes. From birth, careers, marriage, babies, moving, all the way to death we will experience many transitions. Ceremonies and Rituals are one way to help us mark, honor and celebrate life's many changes. Rituals can offer a way to set our intentions, hopes and dreams for the next stage.

I am in the middle of many life transitions currently. When I moved last week from Bemidji, Minnesota

paul and babe.jpg

to Minnetonka, Minnesota

I not only relocated to be closer to my family but I also will be starting a new job, making new friends, building new communities and experiencing apartment living. All of these transitions need to be acknowledged, experienced and lived into. I soon realized all these big changes required a ritual of my own. Tonight I will be having a house blessing ritual for my new apartment. Next week I start a new job.

house blessing.jpg

The one part of my life that I want to keep the same is my Chickadee Ceremonies business.  I love being able  to assist others in creating a ceremony that will truly reflect their desires. As a wedding and funeral officiant relocating to the Twin Cities I plan to serve

Central and Southern Minnesota as well. From as far north as Little Falls and as far south as the Rochester and Mankato areas I will travel to perform weddings and funerals as an officiant who truly values your vision of what you need and want to help you make a transition to married life or any other life transitions you may be experiencing.

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Tricia will continue to serve northern Minnesota from her Bemidji office. It is an exciting time for Chickadee Ceremonies to branch out to more of Minnesota.

We hope you will call us if you have any questions about our services.

May your day be filled with gentle transitions and may love surround you through all of life.  Terry Anderson (Chickadee Ceremonies Officiant)