Neen's Life Lessons

As I prepare to say to good bye to my amazing friend, Neen, this upcoming weekend I reflect on her life lessons that she has taught me. She has woven these lessons into my very being and those around her by her example of loving life and all that it contains. I pray that I can remember these life lessons and appreciate them as a parting gift from such a beautiful woman.

Life Lessons:

1. Learn, Learn . Learn. Then learn some more. Learn about everything you can. Then go deeper into your learning. Repeat this process everyday!

2. Love the Earth. Appreciate every little particle of it. Neen loved and express great gratitude for the gifts of the earth. The soil, rocks and even the weeds in her garden.She encourages us to have a relationship with the Earth. Let the earth bless us and let us remember to bless the earth. She loved the cycles of the earth and saw how the same cycles resides inside our lives.

3.Gardening is a form of praise and worship. Eating the bounty is a true celebration, a communion of our earthly bodies with gifts to eat. Enjoying the harvest is our expression of  gratitude. 

4.Be in a community and relationship with others. Love those around you, maintain and nurture relationships.

5.Travel and explore every chance you can, Neen traveled the world over but she loved traveling and exploring in her own backyard.

6.Feel the expansiveness and beauty of Space. feel the expansiveness of our consciousness along with space.

7. Celebrate life's transitional moments with sacred ceremony. Always invite dear friends and eat yummy treats after as a sign of celebrating your life.

8. Read books, read them a second or third time. Then give away books so that others may share in new knowledge.

9. When life gives you rhubarb, make wine. 

10. Be aware of all life around you, especially appreciate your time on this planet as a miracle you have been given. Love each moment of life.